The Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Sign

Everyone’s heard of The Golden Triangle; that magical place where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. Wanting to know what all the fuss was about I hired a Honda CB300F and embarked on the hour and a half ride from Chiang Rai. Now, I’d been assured it was really easy to get to (no surprises there though; if they’d said it was hard to find I wouldn’t have parted with my hard earned cash to rent the bike!) and while it was pretty straight forward to get there, there was a surprising lack of signage. If there is two of you this won’t be a problem as whoever is on the back can give directions, but being on my own it meant a lot of slowing down to check my phone to make sure I was still going the right way, and making the right turns.

Once I arrived in town I actually nearly drove through it given how small it was. Was I missing something? Nope. There just isn’t really anything at The Golden Triangle! There’s the famous sign of course, where you can take your obligatory photo and it is kind of cool to be standing in Thailand and looking at Laos and Myanmar but there isn’t really much else to do.

Ok there’s a few things, but not many. There is an opium museum on the other side of the road to the sign and for 40 baht you can have a wander around and learn a bit more about the history of the opium trade in the area. You can also jump on a small boat, but I didn’t bother with this as to me it felt kind of pointless, and just so you could say you’ve done it. Although I guess that’s the entire reason I rode for an hour and a half just to see a sign! And if you haven’t quite had your fill of tacky souvenirs then there is a multitude of stores selling the same thing over and over for you to have a browse through.

Would I recommend going? For me it was basically FOMO that brought me here. I felt like I couldn’t be this close to the famous Golden Triangle and not see it, and I am glad I went, but you could easily not come here and you’re not really missing out on anything. If you have the time, then why not? If nothing else, you can have a meal in one of the cafes and enjoy the view.


The sexy beast I hired to get me there


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