Where to eat in Mandalay

mandalay sunset

1. Golden Shan – 22nd Street (Pyinn Ya Street on both Google Maps and maps.me)

If you want to taste the local food, then this is definitely the place to go. For 4000 Kyats, you can eat as much as you like from the buffet. There is a huge variety to choose from and everything was amazing. One lady also speaks perfect English and will happily explain what everything is for you before you decide what to choose, and for my fellow vegetarians, half the options are vegetarian so you’ll have plenty to eat too! It’s not much to look at but it’s pretty clean and definitely worth it. I loved it so much I ate here two out of my three nights in Mandalay.

2. Bistro @82nd – 82nd Street

If you’re looking for a five-star dining experience for a one-star price, then head to Bistro @82nd. My meal and drink set me back 16,000 Kyats, and while this is expensive for Myanmar, you’d pay five times that in any Western Country and the food was amazing. The meals are quite filling and most of them are hot meals, so given the heat in Myanmar I’d wait for dinner to experience this place. They also don’t have a very extensive menu, so eating here once is enough. They also have WiFi that mostly works, so if the food isn’t enough, you can connect to the outside world.

3. Nova Coffee – 37th Street

If the sachets of Nescafe and Non-Dairy Creamer haven’t been doing it for you then you need to get to Nova Coffee pronto. And for my fellow Aussies, they even have flat whites. Flat whites people! It’s been so long… sigh. For those of you who aren’t into flat whites or have no idea what I’m even on about, they have every single other kind of coffee you could possibly imagine as well, and it’s actually really good. Once you’ve had your fill of coffee (or if you’re one of those strange people I keep meeting who don’t drink coffee) the food is actually pretty good too, and it’s reasonably priced. It’s basically your stock standard Western Café, which is a rare find in Mandalay, so enjoy it! And again, they have mostly working WiFi.


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