Jet Boarding, Hillarys, Western Australia

img_0387Looking for an adventure in Perth? I’m not going to lie; you’re going to struggle to find one. But in honour of my last two weeks in my hometown I (and by I, I mean my best friend) decided I needed to find one and go out on a high note. Enter the best leaving gift a girl could wish for: Jet Boarding.

Getting There:
img_0388-1You would expect this bit to be easy, but we happened to pick the one day the coast road was closed to try and make our way to Hillarys Boat Harbour. After a lovely winding scenic tour of the suburbs of Hillarys hunting down the detour signs we finally made it to our destination only fifteen minutes late.  We had this, the jet boarding place was just before the yacht club, except there was the yacht club and there wasn’t a jet boarding place in sight. Right, plan B, park in the car park near where they were supposed to be and have a wander while trying to call them. While trying to find a car park my mate suddenly shouts out “that’s it” and points to a trailer parked in a car bay with wet suits and life jackets hanging off it. Thanks for the heads up guys, we were looking for an actual building, not a trailer in the car park.

What to expect:
When you first arrive the guy hands you his iPad to “check in” and then runs off to help the person in front of you. Once you’ve checked in you get given a wet suit, a life jacket and some seriously un-sexy boots to put on. Then it’s time to run through what to expect and to show your instructor your “Iron Man stance” that you’ll be adopting once in the water. Talk about awkward, I don’t do role play!


The Sexy Boots

We walked down to the water as the guy before me was coming out and he hands me his helmet and tells me just remember to relax. No problem I think as I get the board attached to my feet and head out to start my jet boarding adventure. First we practice turning, something which sounded simple enough, push down on the leg on the side you want to turn and bend your other leg a little bit. Except the board had a mind of its own and didn’t seem to give a damn which direction I wanted to head in! Finally I got the turning thing down and it was time to fly, this was going to be the easy bit right? Nope. Not at all. As I started to lift out of the water I completely forgot how to keep my legs straight, didn’t relax at all, and face planted straight back in the water. It didn’t help that the guy on the Jet Ski was having technical issues with his headset and was trying to give me instructions by shouting at me and waving his arms around.  After what felt like an eternity (about 10 minutes I’m told) of falling on my face, my side, my back, I finally got the hang of this jet boarding thing and it was amazing.  Before actually giving this a go I was a little nervous and had no idea what to expect, but once I finally nailed the flying I had so much fun and never wanted it to end. It’s hard to explain just what it felt like, but wherever in the world you are I would recommend giving this a try. It’s definitely an experience to remember.




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